Monday, October 24, 2005

Living in Bangkok Thailand

I moved over here 2 months ago and believe me , everything has changed. I got more to add , but later :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I havent updated in forever

I do plan to update ASAP

I'm currently in the process of staying awake for 7 full days and in doing so I've turned to a zombie. Of the last few days I remember only the meals I've put my self on to try and make it:

Coffee 5 times a day
Jolt Cola 4 to 6 times a day
Lots of rice
Beef patties
Vector (with creme insted of milk)

I feel so tired but I've got a job to do! Will update asap!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Why doesn't Canadian television have great Canadian programs?

Why doesn't Canadian television have great Canadian programs? What is wrong with all the fat cats in charge of creating new Canadian television shows? I'm not saying that all Canadian television shows are bad but come on now... Canada has a lot of acting talent, great directors, great writers, great producers, great locations to shoot, etc.... Why don't all these wonderful ingredients add up to better Canadian television? Have we been exposed to so much American programming that when we watch Canadian programming we've got unreal expectations? Why don't we have a great Canadian t.v show that deals with things that Canadians can relate to?

Don't get me wrong there are great Canadian shows likes Trailer Park Boys, Off The Record, Da Vinci's Inquest, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, etc... But why don't we have more?

I don't think Canada has ever been short on actors and actresses. Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Kiefer Sutherland, Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Matthew Perry, Rick Mercer, Hayden Christensen, Dave Foley, Keanu Reeves, Colin Mochrie, Brendan Fraser, William Shatner, Norm MacDonald, etc... are all very successful Canadian actors. Why can't we have any of these big Canadian celebrities in starring roles on Canadian T.V shows?

I just find it so frustrating! I mean American T.V is great don't get me wrong , I just think that Canada is more than capable of making some very awesome great shows.


Peta Wilson in La Femme Nikita

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another TTC public transit strike in Toronto?

"Businesses urging workers to carpool in case of TTC strike
Union says drivers will stay on until tomorrow night"

Natalie Alcoba
National Post

Have these people gone bananas? Now I gotta pay $2.50 to ride the subway because of someones bright idea: spending a billion trillion dollars on the Sheppard subway line. Even at that come Thursday night I might not be able to ride at all. So many people in Toronto depend on the TTC to for transit to and from work , school , box socials , etc... Does anyone care about the people or does everything boil down to money? When will the TTC learn that there are other hard working people who's entire lively`-hood depends on a working public transit system?

Assuming a strike takes place I think the government should seriously consider withdrawing all TTC funding until these grown children learn how to place nice. Why should the average citizen get left in the middle of things like this? A great many people will have to put a lot of things on hold and for what? The lucky people who have cars will also have to pay for this strike when they're driving along roads packed curb to curb with cars. I got a feeling that the price of gas is going to start running up also but thats just a hunch. And all this for what?

Streetcar drivers currently get paid $24.35 an hour to drive a street car that only requires the to give it gas, give it break, obey the rules of the road, stop for passengers, and all the mean while they're getting to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Must you really demand more money for such a cushy job?

I much preferred the TTC back in the 80's when the trains were red and the lights would go off all the time. At least back then I knew my 50 cents was going to make the subway better and not to satisfy someone GREED.

Technology Nightmares

Lately I've been having these dreams... I call the technology nightmares. I call them that because they all share the same theme of sorts. In the future when man has became enlightened to the point of using 100% of the brain. To be honest they scare me to the point where I'm left breathless and crestfallen.

Last night (or day?) for example this technight featured a world where virtually everything that we see and use today was obsolete and replaced with new ideas based on being 100% efficient. It must have lasted for all of 15 minutes but what a long 15 minutes it was. I dreamed the brain of a human had evolved so much that information gets processed faster than the speed of light and at that infinite ideas at a time. This type of thinking made things like sight, sound, smell , touch, and taste absolutely useless. Things like science, math, art, language, and the rest was over-exploited to the point of being obsolete. EVERYTHING CHANGED! It was like conscienece`-ness wasn't conscience`-ness it was a horse of a different colour. People were living (if you wanna call it that) in these boxes custom made to fit the persons' exact dimensions and not a millimeter to spare. The entire universe was nothing but a giant floor made of some material I've never seen before. The population of humans was infinite and the number of box homes the same. The entire universe consisted of colorless floor, colorless boxes, people and thats at all. It seemed all of humanity shared a common goal and working consisted of collectively thinking about how to get the common goal achieved. Thinking inside that fit-house, and never leaving for leaving would slow the process down. That was life.


Are people stupid? No people are not stupid.

I'll explain why I don't think people are stupid because I know a lot of people think that some people can be pretty stupid. I strongly believe that life is about choices. I like to think of it as chess. In chess no matter what the situation is (most of the time?) , there is always a correct move.

I know that everyone has seen someone do something stupid before , maybe even the stupidest thing ever. Does that make the person stupid? We'll I don't think it does. I think its very unproductive to call someone stupid and similar names. I look at people like Edison who had very little educational background but were able to do such amazing things through the power of hard work. Call me crazy but I think a single person of average intelligence could change the world if they really wanted to and worked hard towards it.

Sometimes I think back to all the times I've called people stupid and realize that if I would have told them something positive instead of something negative , maybe I could have some how bettered them instead of belittling them. I think back to times at school when someone would go up to the chalk board to write something , they would make a mistake , and everyone would say things like "you're so dumb" , "how did you not know the answer?" , "are you retarded?". If all of those comments were positive along the lines of "the answer you gave was wrong , but you should try again" , "you were close but I know you can do it" , etc... Wouldn't that make the world all that much better? Not only would it boost the person confidence but it would encourage them to put in extra work which is a good thing.

I have faith in people maybe even too much. I think anyone can learn anything if they're willing to work hard. I also think the more positive people around them to encourage increases the chances of success 10-fold. If a person of average intelligence was to take 15 minutes out of each day to learn 2 or 3 new words to add to their vocabulary and stuck to the plan for a year or two , imagine how much smarter and articulate the person would be. Thats just an example of how easy it can be if you start with baby steps.

So I mean if you see someone doing something 'stupid' , why not tell them they're making a bad choice instead? If you're smart enough you could even suggest a better plan!

Monday, April 04, 2005

When will society let me be me?

People tell me "I don't judge people" , and for the most part I believe them. I say for the most part because I think sub-conscience'-ly people make judgements they're not aware of. Example? Seeing a homeless person on the street, or seeing a rich person on the street. People look at the homeless guy and think he's up to no good or that he's homeless because he doesn't wanna work, or something along those lines. Do people ever think how this person became homeless? I spoke to a homeless person a while back and when we were talking he told me how he once had a family, a home , a car , and the lot of it. He became homeless due to a house fire in concert with a list of other unfortunate events that happened almost in sequence. Why none of his friends helped him , I'll never know. But while I stood there with him I saw how people looked at him. How would someone in this situation get back into society? Or why would they want to? I don't know how attractive the idea of being in company with the same people who look at you like your less-than-human would be. This is the kind of judgement I think people pass onto me all too often. I've found when I wear more dress'-y clothes like lacoste shirts, dress'-y D&G pants, prada shoes, and the lot of it, people look at me in a certain way. The kind of way you look at someone who you believe you could grow to trust and like in sorts. Whenever I dress like that I don't feel comfortable. I don't feel like me, I feel like some guy who has to spend loads of money on designer clothes just for social acceptance. When I dress in baggy pants, timberland boots, wearing a fitted hat, and a throwback jersey, I find people look at me like I'm up to no good.

Why does it matter what I wear? Why can't I just wear what I want and have everyone look at me the same? Will there ever be a day when people can just be people? When will society let me be me?

Sometimes I just like to imagine

Imagine what the world would be like with out all the evil. Sometimes I think even without the evil in the world there would still be something that would be equivalent to evil (like doubleplusungood). I guess I wanna believe that the world will get better and people will get better as time goes on but its hard. Why can't the relationships between people and the planet advance? I simply can't figure it out. Every year computers get better and better , faster and faster , and yet the way we treat each other as human beings still stays the same. We're always fighting with each other things we could work out if we just worked at it and put in time. Can't we just have one day where everyone puts down their weapons , sets asides their feuds , and just celebrate being human or something? People take everything for granted and I don't know why. I still have faith in people , but I dunno how much longer I can have it for.

Insted of sleeping I'm writing this

It seems me and sleep just don't get along too much these days... The other day while sleeping I had a dream that was filled with product placement. I woke up and almost rushed to the store to get one of the products I dreamed about. What was interesting about some of the things I saw was in that when I woke up I could recall a lot of the stuff in great detail. A few of the things I had saw were not even invented yet which I found to be quite amazing. I think its about time I bash and smash my T.V into small bits that I can sweep in a dust pan and throw away. I'm tired of my T.V watching me and telling me what to wear , how to wear it , what to eat , and how to eat it , and the lot of it. My T.V treats me like I'm the mark in some giant Spanish prisoner scam where the benefits that get reaped multiply by the year.

Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?

I need to find a way back to 1983 and sort some stuff out.

How I love the weather in Toronto (thats in Canada)

One of the worst winters I've ever been through was this winter and it just wont go away. Here in Toronto its been freezing for the last few months with just a few very nice days in between. This weekend all it did was snow , rain , and hail on both Saturday and Sunday. To be honest I just want a day with nice weather, for it will give me hope that the summer will be wonderful. I've almost forgot that here in Canada we have a season called summer. My friend Eleanor who lives in Melbourne , Australia had told me that these few months are their equiv of winter. Plagued with a cool breeze and some stormy rains is about as bad as it gets there during their winter or so she said. I wish just for on year we could have an entire winter like that , to a Canadian I think it would be a UTOPIA.

Image hosted by

This is my "I hate the cold" face

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Staying up all night really got me thinking...

Being up for 24hrs sure does have its advantages. I guess it really hit me when I was in one of those kinda awake kinda asleep phases. I started thinking what do I really want out of life? I think one day I wanna have a family , My own business , A vacation home , etc... But I think about the direction that the world is going in and how things will be 20 years down the road and I get feeling in my stomach like I've just ate something poison. When I was a kid growing up in the 80s , whenever I looked out side I used to see trees as green as could be , animals running around , people helping other people , and the lot of it. It feels like everytime I look out the window things get less and less green and there are less and less trees. I think about the world that my future kids will grow up in and my mind just fills with uncertinty. I would trade everything that makes me who I am , if I knew it would stop all this madness that the world is now filled with. People tell me "Yea the world has always had its problems" and I understand that , but at the rate we are going right now I think I can safely say that the world has never seen problems like the ones of current.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

My first blog


I'm new to this so hopefully I can learn about it and grow to like it. I've been told about how interesting it is writing and reading other peoples blogs so why not.